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For several years, we have amassed considerable experience in specialized work for remote employers, among them well-known game developers. We have prior experience in games on Unreal3 engine, where we created a variety of vehicles and textures, as well as creation racing tracks. We are experienced in the creation of vehicles, buildings, miscellaneous props, as well as environment modelling...


We have a team of highly qualified artists, who can work efficiently and effectively with little direction, and complete work in a reasonable timeframe, without pestering your lead artist with a barrage of daily questions. Our team is highly self motivated, and can understand the art direction required with minimal input.
Most of our artist have +5 years expirience and take a part on next projects:

Race, RACE 07 - The Official WTCC Game (Simbin)
Hour of Victory (nFusion Interactive)


We provide flexible hourly rates, this ensures the client only pays for the actual time spent on the asset. After receiving the go ahead, we provide preliminary time estimates that are very precise due to our wealth of experience. After the work is completed, we will provide the client information on how much time was spent on each asset, accompanied by a detailed report if needed, along with an invoice.